Diving 08 Feb, 2023

Come along below the surface

Do you want to experience a world under water? At NEPTUN it’s important to us that there’s time and space to experience and explore the places we go to - above as well as below the surface. We are hugely fascinated by the world we don’t see but are constantly part of and we feel it’s important to keep all elements in mind when we’re at sea - who do we share our second home with?

Diving ashore

Almost everywhere where NEPTUN sails, it is possible to go out and dive with the local dive shop. They know all the good places depending on the wind direction and sea state, and are often decently priced.
We often organize trips with large parts of the crew where we go on a diving adventure together.

Diving on board

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a diving set and compressor on board, but the association has a vision to get this as soon as possible.