Economy 12 Feb, 2023

Preface and introduction

The economy on board is based on the sharing economy and divided into two parts. There is a fixed variable gas contribution which covers all equipment on the ship and a contribution to all common expenses.

It is important that you do not make too tight a budget for yourself. Your budget must be able to support various changes in the place of embarkation and disembarkation and the associated costs. In addition, there are always exciting offers coming up in the places you travel, and it’s a shame if your finances are stretched too thin to take advantage of them. In addition, there are always unforeseen expenses when travelling on adventure.

Crew contribution

The crew contribution is fixed for a longer period, but can be expected to vary.

The crew contribution is currently set at: 250 DKK.

The crew contribution should be multiplied by the number of calendar days on a given trip. The crew contribution is used for the operation of the ship and helps to cover the costs of repairs, maintenance, safety expressions and related subscriptions, insurance, purchase of new equipment and much more. The gas contribution is to be understood as an amount used to cover everything that is not variable common expenses. The contribution also covers all use of equipment on board the ship, except for diving equipment, which is set at an inexpensive rental fee determined by the Association.

Common expenses

Includes food, fuel, port fees, visa, taxes, permits, etc. It will be a fixed rate at 250 DKK per day. at least until the ship is out of the Caribean.

Individual needs, such as soft drinks, sweets, tobacco and the like are purchased at own expense.

Deposit and payment

Deposit (20% of full amount) must be paid to confirm booking. 3 month before the full amount shall be paid.


The project cannot be held financially responsible for any changes in embarkation and disembarkation points, altered train schedules or trains that cannot be operated due to acts of war, natural disasters, pandemics, sudden illness on board, restrictions and the like. This means, for example, that if restrictions in the world mean that you cannot reach the ship, the gas contribution will not be returned - but you will of course have the opportunity to coordinate a new embarkation ship at the next opportunity. The project reserves the right to adjust prices at immediate notice, and prices on this page are not expected to be updated. We refer to the information meeting for the real prices of the gas contribution and estimates of the joint expenditure.