Freediving 12 Feb, 2023

Free diving on board

Jumping into the water is wonderfully non-committal, being in the world below the keel is a free space like no other. Freediving is a course that many diving organisations offer as a special skill - a course that is also offered on board. We do not require a freediving course to practice freediving on board, but strongly encourage it as you gain some theoretical as well as practical skills that increase the safety of the activity.

History of Freediving

With the exception of the sporadic use of tubes and leather breathing bladders, freediving without the use of mechanical equipment was the only option in ancient times. Ancient tribes used freediving to help gather food, collect resources such as sponges and beads, salvage sunken treasure and support war operations. At NEPTUN, we aim to create an awareness of traditions and maintain a healthy approach to the principles and skills of the past.