Sailing in the pacific and french polynesia - Join the crew of NEPTUN for an adventure of a lifetime. 04 Oct, 2023

Experience the pacific ocean as crew onboard NEPTUN

Join us on an exciting voyage as we head out on the great Pacific Ocean! We have an ambition to visit and stay in a lot of exciting places and get an insight into what life is like when you are born on an island many thousands of kilometers from the civilization.

This voyage is divided into two legs and we require a commitment to the ship for one whole leg at a time.
Applicants who wish to sail both legs 1 & 2 are given priority.

Leg Destination
Leg 1 Panama 01. April 2025
Galapagos Islands
Pitcairn Island
Gambier Island
Tuamotu Island hopping
Marquesas Island hopping
Leg 2 Tahiti 01. august 2025
Boa Bora
Society islands Hopping
Cook Islands
Palmerston Island
Kingdom of Tonga
Fiji Islands
Vanuatu Islands
End Palau 15. December 2025

Galapagos Islands

The first stop before NEPTUN hits the equator is the Galapagos. Here, giant tortoises and the lava landscape are what must be explored. The Galapagos have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and are home to many different animal species. The diversity of nature in the Galapagos also lays the foundation for many of Darwin’s discoveries that led to his development of the theory of evolution.

Marine iguana, Galapagos


After a journey of about 3 weeks and 2700 nautical miles, a huge experience starts when the locals from Pitcairn pick up the crew in one of their trips.
On Pitcairn there is no port.. Nor an airport..

Only the experienced cockswain can sail the boats over the reef with Pacific swells on the stern breaking in towards the landing at Bounty Bay.

Pitcairn is known from the old tale of the mutiny on BOUNTY in the 18th century.
The local population are all descendants of mutineers who took refuge on this small rocky island in the Pacific Ocean. After the mutiny of BOUNTY, the mutineers had to flee from the English fleet and the decision was made and the ship was burned in the bay outside Bounty Bay. Two decades passed before the first visitors came to the island after the mutiny and the story was told to the public, but now two decades later there was only one mutineer left and a lot of women and children. The story is dramatic and tragic and can be recommended to anyone who needs a little bedtime reading.

When NEPTUN visits Pitcairn, the crew stays with the locals who the crew knows in advance from previous visits and we will now hear their story of the story.


French Polynesia, Gambier Islands

The Gambier Islands are French Polynesia’s answer to the wild west.
The islands are relatively unexplored and are the easternmost islands in French Polynesia.
The local population mainly lives by farming black pearls which are sold in expensively further west. But here it is as if the pearls function as everyday currency.

Here the uninhabited coasts and islands are to be explored and the beautiful reefs to be seen.

French Polynesia, Gambier

Tuamotu Islands

The Tuamotu is a large islands group of islands and atolls.
Many adventures await NEPTUN in these small island communities that have existed for hundreds of years before the West discovered their existence.
The island group is divided into eight areas with a total of just under 80 islands / atolls, and we do not have a fixed route with planned stops on this part of the trip, but have the option to stop where the crew finds it interesting!

  • Disappointment islands
  • Duke of Gloucester Islands
  • Far East Tuamotu Group
  • Hao Group
  • Hikueru Group
  • King George Islands
  • Palliser Islands
  • Raeffsky Islands

Sail in French Polynesia, Tuamotu

Marquesas Islands

Another exciting island group is to be explored when NEPTUN drops her anchor in another beautiful bay.

Here we also have no fixed plan, but the opportunity to explore the area as the wind blows:

  • Hey
  • Hatutu
  • Motu One
  • Motu lti
  • Nuku Hiva
  • Ua Huka
  • Ua Pou
  • Fatu Uku
  • Hiva ‘Oa
  • Tahuata
  • Moho Tani
  • Fatu Hiva
  • Motu Nao

Sail with us as crew in the Pacific Ocean - Nuva Hiva, Marquesas Islands

Tahiti, Bora Bora & Society Islands

Tahiti, Papeete is the capital of French Polynesia, and is known worldwide. Tahiti is convenient with a large city where provisions and repairs are possible. It is a unique experience with a big city in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but not known for nature experiences and beautiful beaches - we have to find those elsewhere in Polynesia and Bora Bora is especially known for this!

Crew with us in Tahiti, French Polynesia

Society Islands

This island group contains both Tahiti and Bora Bora, but also a lot of other islands that are less well known.
The island group is divided into two main groups, the windward group to the east and the leeward group to the west.
Here we have no definite travel plans yet, but the opportunity to visit some of these 14 islands while we are in the area!

Cook Islands

Captain Cook visited this island group in the 18th century and named it after himself.
An absolute must visit when we sail in the Pacific.

The archipelago contains a total of 15 islands, 12 of which are inhabited, and can be visited depending on the circumstances when NEPTUN hits them!

Sailing ship in Cook Islands

Kingdom of Tonga

Tonga is known for several things. It is known as a kingdom. Beautiful nature. Amazing islands and whales.

We will explore the traditional way of life, kava and many other unique things in Tonga. Like almost all other places in the Pacific, Tonga is also an island group where there is good opportunity to visit different islands and areas.

Here we swim with the whales in Tonga


For the first time on our journey west, the population composition changes character when we sail into Melanesia. Here, the population is a mix between India, Africa and Polynesia, which provides an exciting culture to explore.
This is also where the movie Cast Away was filmed, and it is possible to visit this beach, as well as many other fantastic places in the area!

Go sailing in Fiji with NEPTUN


When NEPTUN sails to Vanuatu, it is with the joy of reunion and friendships waiting to be nurtured.
You can actually say that many here are already waiting for us.
Vanuatu is known for the primitive and natural way of life as well as their volcanoes which often erupt.

Here we will visit small village communities that live off the nature around them, and experience their everyday life.
Maybe we even get the opportunity to see some of their traditional rituals and dances? Who knows.

Traditional dance in Vanuatu


Micronesia consists of no less than 2100 islands, but we hardly have time to visit them all.
Instead, we will find some fantastic anchorages and explore this part of the Western Pacific!

Sail the Pacific Ocean in sailboat, Micronesia

Traditional seamanship

Become a better sailor, learn to sail a sailing ship and learn to be part of a community where we are deeply dependent on each other.

In addition to the journey and the destinations, which are important to us, it is also important that we use the ship and the community to seek good seamanship and knowledge to interested parties.
Onboard is a large knowledge base that must be used, and interest in this is important - otherwise NEPTUN is probably not quite the right fit for you.

We have a vision to show and teach along the way so that everyone, depending on commitment, gets the opportunity to learn more and bring knowledge home with the experiences!

Traditional seamanship being taught on the deck of NEPTUN

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