Sailing in Central America & Caribbean 2024 - Join the crew now 28 Apr, 2023

Sail with us as crew in Central America & the Caribbean

Join us on an unforgettable cruise where peace, diving and exploration are the first priority.
During the hurricane season in the Caribbean, NEPTUNE will stay in Central America, where there are many beautiful coasts, islands and discovery destinations.

After the cruise, the plan is to lay the ship up at a shipyard in Panama!

Leg Destination
Saint Maarten 1. May 2024
Evt. Anguilla
Tortola, BVI 1. June 2024
Evt. Benaire
Aruba 1. July 2024
Evt. Curacao
Columbia (east) 1. August 2024
Cruising Columbia
Panama 1. September 2024
Panama Canal 20. September 2024
Panama Pacific side 1. October 2024
Cruising Panama Pacific side
Cruising Costa Rica 1. November
Cruising Panama/Columbia 1. December
End Lay up ship in shipyard 15. December

Guest space in the Caribbean

Saint Maarten, Anguilla, BVI and Puerto Rico

ABC Islands

Aruba Benaire and Curaçao are referred to as the ABC islands. A unique destination north of the coast of Venezuela and a step further on the journey towards Columbia and Central America.

Join us in Aruba - ABC Islands

Sailing in Colombia

Come along when NEPTUN explores Colombia’s coastline in the Caribbean Sea.
Here, the ship will quietly work its way west towards Panama - stress-free.
During the Caribbean hurricane season, the northern coast of South America is a very safe place to stay, and here Colombia’s exciting culture and nature can be explored!

Sail with us in Colombia

Cruising in Panama

Panama has an exciting rain forest and beautiful islands, which we are allowed to visit this time. NEPTUNE will stay for over a month in Panama, where different anchorages, islands and rain forests will be explored!

Sailing ship in Panama - On board the schooner NEPTUN by Marstal

Sail through the Panama Canal

Have you always dreamed of sailing through the Panama Canal? Then now is your chance.
At the end of September, NEPTUN sails through the Panama Canal to continue the cruise on the Pacific side of the canal.

Voyage through the Panama Canal

Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia - Pacific side

The Pacific side of Central America offers better anchorages and offers a great opportunity to visit the countries from a different angle! Are you ready to get away from Denmark in the autumn and have some relaxation in Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia from October to December? So apply now!

Puerto Bello, Panama

Apply now!

It is already possible to plan your sailing with NEPTUN, and the cruise will be open until all guest places are occupied.
If you are not a member of the association, you can quickly and easily become one by registering.

Only members of the association can sail as crew on board NEPTUN.

Panama City