School at sea - Get your Yachtmaster and other certificates onboard NEPTUN 01 May, 2023

NEPTUN - A school at sea

Onboard NEPTUN you can choose to educate yourself while onboard for our training program. We have the ability to issue different certificates including, Yachtmaster 1, Yachtmaster 3, Engineering certificate for pleasure crafts, first aid and diving certificates.

Please contact us directly if you have any question to our certificates and availability while sailing onboard.


If you are looking to increase your skills with boat driving, navigation and everything that comes with a 27 meter schooner, then you have found the right place!
NEPTUN is the perfect training place for a Yachtmaster certificate, and we will help you gain the required skills to and training in order to pass the exams.

Engineering certificate

Our engine room is old school, big and very manual.
Basically a difficult engine room to run, but at the same time the perfect platform for gaining skills and knowledge about diesel marine engines.

Engine Lessons

Diving certificates

Onboard we have a dive instructor, and can provide diving certificates of all sorts.

Diving certificate